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Saturday, June 30, 2007

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Codeine article ruffles feathers

Our article on a rare case of fatal neonate codeine poisoning ("Codeine linked to breastfeeding danger") has a group called APM Formulators - who promote something called Family Medicine from a Biblical World View - all fired up.

On their blog, the group takes exception to the idea that women should take any meds after childbirth. They also don't seem to like the idea of physicians using their clinical judgement to decide which women could safely use Tylenol 3 for post-partum pain relief:

The “experts”, as they call themselves, disagree with this mother. One of their suggestions, according to the article I cited, is for nursing mothers to continue to take the deadly Tylenol 3, and keep an eye on mom and baby.

Instead, APM Formulators urge parents to "protect yourself through the knowledge of medicinal plants that have properties for after birth pain."

One has to wonder whether the good people at APM Formulators are aware that codeine is one of those "medicinal plants that have properties for after birth pain."


Canadian Medicine writ large

There’s never been a better time to dissect our healthcare system.

SiCKO, Michael Moore’s new documentary on the state of healthcare (released today in Canada), holds us up as a model of how well universal healthcare can work. Many Canadians will experience a mix of pride and incredulity when they see it (I know I did when I saw it). But what’s certain is that seeing our system on the big screen is making us all do a little healthcare soul searching.

So we think it’s a great time for us to launch our new editors’ blog.

Every week we'll post the health stories - Canadian and international - we think are important, shocking or just just plain odd. We'll also bring you updates on stories we’ve covered in the National Review of Medicine.

We hope you enjoy it.

Happy Canada Day!

Gillian Woodford