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Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be a real pain, especially if you are sexually active.  Sadly, this ED is a normal part of life as nearly 1 in 5 men will experience the disorder at some point in their life under varying severities.  Any man who experiences ED for the first time will feel like it is the end of his world.  It is an embarrassing condition that he will not even tell his closest friends about it.  There are others who are so embarrassed about the condition that they do not even consult it with a medical professional in fear that he will be laughed at.

Erectile dysfunction is not a rare kind of disorder as more than a hundred million men all over the world right at the moment suffers from it.  Perhaps their only consolation is that there are now ED medications that can help them have momentary use of their manhood.  One drug that is rapidly gaining notoriety is the new ED drug called avanafil.  This ED med has just been released last year, 2012, and has gained the favor of many who suffer from erectile dysfunction.  They say, not only is the drug effective in treating their erectile issues, but they also suffer less side effects from taking it. Read more…

Recommended reading: Lapham's Quarterly

The latest issue of the excellent and unusual journal Lapham's Quarterly, edited by former Harper's editor Lewis Lapham, is full of readings on the subject of medicine from writers from ancient Greece through modern times.

It's worth getting the whole thing, but you can get a taste online.

Read a page from the Nuremberg trials about experiments conducted on Nazi prisoners. Learn how leprosy was diagnosed in France in 1320: "... make the patient cover his eyes so that he cannot see, and say, 'Look out, I'm going to prick you!' and do not prick him. Then say, 'I pricked you on the foot,' and if he agrees, it is a sign of leprosy."

And don't miss Hildegard von Bingen on the therapeutic properties of whale meat or Rudyard Kipling's address to a group of physicians on the subject of doctors' responsibilities, privileges and role in society.

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