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Got Trouble with Hair Loss? Buy Finasteride 1mg for Sale

Hair loss in men sometimes leads to baldness.  If you happen to see a bald man who seems to have lost their hair instead of having their head shaved bald, then they have male pattern baldness.  Male pattern baldness is actually a genetic condition that you inherit from your parents.  If you are a male and have older brothers or a dad who suffers from this hair loss condition, it is likely that you too will have inherited the condition and will soon suffer from it.  Normally, the condition of male pattern baldness can start as early as your late teens and will manifest by the time you reach your mid-twenties.

Although treatments are available for hair loss, they only manage to slow down the progression of the hair loss.  The true treatment for hair fall is called finasteride 1mg.  You can find finasteride 1mg for sale at your local pharmacy and you can also find finasteride 1mg for sale online.  The truth is that many buy their finasteride 1mg treatment online because they are able to get better savings by buying their hair fall meds on the internet.

In the past, there was really no effective treatment for hair loss aside from topical treatment that only attempt to slow down the progression of the genetic condition.  However, when Merck created the drug finasteride, everything about treating hair loss changed as the drug they actually made prevented the creation of the hormone that was responsible in the damaging and thinning of hair follicles which led to the thinning and dying of hair strands.  Although the discovery was accidental as finasteride was originally intended for another purpose, in the end, what they actually made was a very effective remedy for hair loss. Read more…

Recommended reading: Lapham's Quarterly

The latest issue of the excellent and unusual journal Lapham's Quarterly, edited by former Harper's editor Lewis Lapham, is full of readings on the subject of medicine from writers from ancient Greece through modern times.

It's worth getting the whole thing, but you can get a taste online.

Read a page from the Nuremberg trials about experiments conducted on Nazi prisoners. Learn how leprosy was diagnosed in France in 1320: "... make the patient cover his eyes so that he cannot see, and say, 'Look out, I'm going to prick you!' and do not prick him. Then say, 'I pricked you on the foot,' and if he agrees, it is a sign of leprosy."

And don't miss Hildegard von Bingen on the therapeutic properties of whale meat or Rudyard Kipling's address to a group of physicians on the subject of doctors' responsibilities, privileges and role in society.

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