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Fluconazole 150mg – Your Best Way in Treating Fungal Infections

Fluconazole 150mg is a medication that is used in treating fungal infections of certain types.  Fluconazole 150mg treats fungal infection by killing the fungi itself.  This medication is used for a multitude of infections.  Additionally, fluconazole 150mg can be used in preventing fungal infection on people whose immune system is compromised.

Fungal infections are not always limited to the skin wherein you can treat them using antifungal creams.  Also, there are times that some skin infections cannot be treated using creams alone as some of the components of the fungus may have buried themselves already deep in your skin which is why the use of medications like fluconazole 150mg is necessary in order to fully purge them.

If you are using fluconazole 150mg, it is important that you keep this medicine for yourself and never share it with others.  Fluconazole 150mg is a prescription medication which means this has likely been prescribed to you.  Sharing the medication with others whose condition or allergic reaction has not been established can be particularly risky which is why it is highly suggested to keep your dosing of fluconazole 150mg to yourself.  Read more…

Is your computer network safe?

Protect your patients by letting the pros protect your computers

On the morning of August 14, a 20-foot-long piece of concrete fell from the third floor of a suburban Toronto office building where several large group practices are located and smashed into the ground below, luckily not injuring anyone. City inspectors, concerned about other pieces falling as well, immediately evacuated and cordoned off the entire building.

You might think this would spell disaster to the building’s two Family Health Teams and to the one preparing to move in in eight days. Without their records and computers and phones, how would they care for their patients? How would they even let patients know the building was closed? How would they refer patients appropriately until the building reopened?

Thanks to a cleverly planned, remotely hosted computer system, none of those problems turned out to be insurmountable, says Dr. Michelle Greiver, a family physician and researcher who was among the doctors who had to scramble to adapt when they learned their relocation plans might have to be put on hold.

Read the rest of this article in the latest issue of Parkhurst Exchange or on the magazine's website.

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