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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Salt in the (internal) wound

How many of your patients know how much salt is there in an Oreo cookie? Probably a lot more than you or they might think. Three cookies give you fully 11% of your daily recommend, for children the figure is a lot higher. Perhaps you'd be better to switch to low fat cottage cheese. No you wouldn't. A single serving contains one quarter of the daily adult intake.

These are some of the numbers from a US government commissioned study by the Institute of Medicine which estimates salt causes 100,000 premature deaths due to hypertension and related diseases.

“Salt is very addicting,” says Sidney Alexander, a Boston cardiologist. He sees his patients struggle. “Even though there are good salt substitutes and other spices they can use, they have a hard time giving it up."

There's very little you can do to avoid over dosing on salt unless you eat only food prepared at home. Three-quarters of the salt you consume comes from processed food and that served in restaurants. Some dishes contain three and four times the daily requirement.

For more see the New York Times report at


  1. This article has some value to the lay person but it is not revealing anything to the practitioner level that is not already known.

    Medical reporting must have equivalent status and revelation that would make the medical practitioner sense " value added".

    Sam accomplished that through the " direct interview" which created an atmosphere of" scoop". Sam also had a regular pattern of contributions that stimulated readership interest.

    come on.... bump it up a notch...or two...... or three........

  2. continued.......

    Q- do you remember the India fable of the blind men examining the elephant.......( used medically as a way to describe the polyclonal response to the same antigen) ?

    Q- did you know this is happening in the physician /patient interraction where only one or two parts of the patient's issues are allowed to be discussed per visit?

    Let's continue with articles to bring the " art of medicine" to a canvas that qualifies to be hung in the gallery .

    You used to have a readership of 50,000 ...why not build on the "why" of that reality?

  3. sharon(aka Purley Quirt )April 29, 2010 at 8:27 AM

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    Hence future postings here will not have that connection.


    1.Canadian Medicine is my exclusive comment site
    ( as mentioned before it is part of my breakfast routine :)

    2. I have no time to maintain my own blog

    I welcome you to simply review their own archives for thematic input on different issues.

    ???perhaps CM will consider archival sorting and interraction amongst commentshare members who do not wish to form their own blogs or babble incessantly in a forum

    * an alternative is to check google...sometimes the googlebot follows Purley around :)

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