Vardenafil HCl is the Fastest Acting ED Medication

June 19, 2016

It cannot be denied that most men with erectile dysfunction (ED) owe Viagra a ‘thanks’ because it was them who pioneered ED medications.  If not for them, there might be no ED medications today.  Of course, this does not mean you will need to stick to that brand forever because there are other and much better ED medications in the market today than that of V…ra.  Take for instance, vardenafil HCl.  This ED drug is considered to be the most effective there is and has even surpassed Viagra in terms of efficacy.

According to different surveys performed, Viagra only has an average of 84% efficacy, whereas vardenafil HCl dominates it with 86% percent.  While the 2% may not seem much, if you belong to that group, then it means a lot.  For this reason, a lot of previous Viagra users have switch ship and are now taking vardenafil HCl as their preferred ED treatment drug of choice.  They even claim that they now experience fewer side effects ever since they moved to using vardenafil HCl.

The truth is, aside from being the most effective ED medication and the ED drug with the least amount of reported side effects to be experienced, vardenafil HCl also has another ace up its sleeve that make it trample V…ra to its knees – fast onset of action.  For Vi…a users, they need to take the drug at least an hour before having sexual intercourse in order for the medication treatment to have any effect.  However, for vardenafil HCl, all they need is twenty minutes and the effectiveness of drug is already in full effect.  Other men even report of erectile response at much lesser time.  This fast onset of action allows men with ED to simply use the twenty minutes as part of their foreplay before the main event, instead of waiting it out the way you would with Viagra.  This fast onset of action is actually very useful for unscheduled lovemaking of couples, who on sudden urge, decides to do some lovemaking.

Another side of vardenafil HCl that makes it better than Viagra is that its effective duration is double that of the latter.  The effective duration of Viagra is only four hours, whereas the effective duration of vardenafil HCl is 8 hours.  This means that couples are able to maximize their lovemaking time through the use of vardenafil HCl.  This 8 hours is very sufficient enough should the couples decide for another round of lovemaking.

If you are interested in taking vardenafil HCl, ask your doctor to prescribe you with it.  Once you get your prescription, make sure that only you use these medications and never attempt in any way to share them with other men, particularly those that do not have any erectile issues.  Sharing this ED treatment drug with them may lead to serious consequences as well as irreparable damages to their sexual organ.  Additionally, neither should you share this medication with other men that may also suffer from erectile disorder.  There is a possibility that they may be allergic to the medication or are taking other medications that may contraindicate with the drug.